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Marcia Van Doren, Painting

Marcia will be showing these new works at Raven Rocks Gallery through September

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Raven Rocks Gallery presents
“Medieval Meditations: new paintings by Marcia Van Doren”

Marcia Van Doren has created a world with one foot in ancient times and the other in this morning’s garden. Mixing symbols and design elements from medieval days and images of places and people from today, she has created vignettes of possibilities known only in the heart. In the artist’s words, “The medieval garden, with its formal structure and plantings, has inspired my recent series of paintings. I find these enclosed, protected spaces peaceful and meditative. The arches or altarpiece shapes reflect a timeless, spiritual element. My own love of gardening shows up in some of the flowers and plants, adding a personal, modern touch. The female figure is central in my work, sometimes reflective or contemplative and alone; sometimes her presence is only implied. The red dog is a nod to my love of those wonderful creatures that have always been a part of my life.” 

Raven Rocks Gallery is located at Greenbank Farm, 765 Wonn Road C-101, Greenbank, WA 98253 on beautiful Whidbey Island, WA. Our hours are weekdays 11AM – 4PM, and weekends 11AM – 5PM. For information please call 360-222-0102 or visit our website at

All images ©2011, 2012, Marcia Van Doren
Artwork photographed by Michael Stadler
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